Digital clamp leaker SRT140

SRT140 high accuracy clamp leaker is specially designed for measurement of AC leakage current; by adopting up-to-date CT technology and digital integration technology, it is a product with relatively small size, high accuracy and perfect function compared with similar leaker in the world. The leaker can be widely applied in electricity, telecommunications, meteorology, railroad, oilfield, construction, measurement, scientific and research teaching institute, industrial and mining installishments.

Clamp core of SRT140 high accuracy clamp leaker adopts special alloy, in addition, with utilization of magnetic shielding technology, it is basically free from influence from external magnetic field so as to ensure precision, stability and reliability of perennial continuous measurement.

SRT140 high accuracy clamp leaker can be used for AC line current measurement and on-line current measurement with voltage lower than AC 600V; It has functions as peak holding, data holding and data storage. For convenience purpose, it is an essential tool for electrician safety testing.

Main Features:
-measurement of AC 300A/300mA;
-feature rich.



Measurement of AC leakage current and AC


DC3V LR-44*2 or SR-44*2

Mode of measuring

CT clamp, integral measurement


LCD of 4 digits



LCD size

35mm*21.5mm; display area: 32mm*15mm

Jaw size


Rates of sample

approxi. 2 times / second

Measure range

0mA ~ 300A(50/60Hz)




30mA/300mA, 30A/300A, auto switch in range


0.00mA ~ 9.99mA: 1.2%rdg5dgt

10.0mA ~ 300.0mA: 1.5%rdg5dgt

0.00A ~ 9.99A: 2%rdg5dgt

10.0A ~ 99.9A: 3%rdg5dgt

100.0A ~ 199.9A: 4%rdg5dgt

200.0A ~ 300.0A: 5%rdg5dgt

Line voltage

AC 600V

Data storage

60 sets, show "FU" when full

Peak hold

auto pick up the peak value, show peak value when pressing HOLD.

Data Hold

Show "DH"

Overload indication

Show "OL"

auto power off

after 5 minutes

Low battery warning



approximate. 120g (battery included)


approximate. 5mW

Working temperature and humidity

0C ~ 40C, within 80% RH

Store temperature and humidity

-10C ~ 60C, within 70% RH


AC 2kV/rms

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