Gas Chromatograph

GC1120 Gas Chromatograph

Instrument technical index
1. Flexible Sample Introduction System
Up to three injectors may be installed and operated simultaneously with independent temperature control. Wide range of injectors is available to be chosen from for various applications. It is very convenient for installation and disassembly of sample injectors.
Sample Injector with Mono Packed Column/Double Packed Columns:
Several alternative sample introduction methods, including on-column sample introduction and six-way valve injection;
Adapter for injection to capillary column (0.53 mm i.d.).
Sample injector for capillary column
Special sample injector with septum purge and back-pressure valve splitting;
Special programmable split/splitless injector with solenoid valve, septum purge, back-pressure valve splitting, and standalone carrier gas and make-up gas flow;
Modified dual-packed-column sample injector for injection to capillary column by employing some connectors and back-pressure valve splitting.

2. Advanced Pneumatics
Carrier gas control with constant pressure valve and constant flow valve;
Air and hydrogen control with constant pressure valve and needle valve;
Flow easily adjustable through constant flow valve and needle valve with digital display;
High precision, reproducibility and reliability.

3. Sensitive and reliable detector
Up to three detectors (FID, TCD, ECD, etc) may be installed and operated simultaneously. Simultaneous multi-detection with detectors in series or in parallel meets the various analysis requirements.
The new FID provides higher sensitivity than ever before. It is very convenient to disassemble and clean the jet and collector. Precisely fixed emitter configuration ensures conformity of product performance;
Excellent TCD detector with high-resistance tungsten-rhenium filaments provides high sensitivity. A sensitivity of 10000 mV•mL/mg is achieved with optional amplifier circuit board. Special configuration of air heat insulation enhances the stability of TCD detector
Constant-current, pulse-modulated ECD detector sets sensitivity and current by computer.

4. Advanced Microcomputer Control System
With advanced control techniques, microcomputer-based temperature control system provides superior performance.
High temperature precision ( 0.5C), high reliability, and high resistance to disturbance;
Five independent heated zones, with maximum operating temperature of 400C;
Temperature-limit setting and overheat protection.
Instrument control is accomplished through the keypad, and the instrument offers outstanding capabilities.
Power-off protection;
Ten methods saving and reloading
Two controls of external events;
Timing on/off of temperature control;
Timing program, detector status, measurement range, polarity and current setting and display;
Temperature setting values, actual values, retention time and analysis time display.

5. High-performance spacious column oven
Spacious column oven accommodating capillary column and dual packed columns and convenient for column installation;
Fast heat-up and rapid cool-down column oven with automated back-door opening (300C to 50C in 7 min);
Available for both near-ambient and above ambient temperature control;
Supports 5 oven ramps with 6 plateaus.


1. Temperature Control
Temperature Range: 7C ~ 400C above room temperature, (increment 1C)
Temperature Control Object: Column Box, front and back detector, front and back sampler, assist, total six channels.
Program ramps : 7 ramps in total
Program setting: 0.1C~40C/min (increment 0.1C)
Total time of total program : Up to 655 minutes, (increment 0.1C)

2. Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
Minimum detectable quantity: M810-12g/s (C16)
Best test result: M310-12g/s (C16)
Noise: 510-14A
Drift: 610-13A/h
Linearity range: 106

3. Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)
Sensitivity:5000mV•mL/mg (C16)
Noise: 20µV
Drif: 30µV/h
Linearity rang: 104

4. High Sensitivity Thermal conductivity detector (HTCD)
Sensitivity: 10000mVqmL/mg (C16)

5. Electron capture detector (ECD)
Detectability: 110-13g/s (-666)
Linearity range: 103
Maximum using temperature: 350C

6. Flame photometric detector (FPD)
Detectability: 210-11g/s (P) (Parathion-methyl)
110-10g/s (S) (Parathion-methyl)

7. Nitrogen-phosphorus detector (NPD)
Detectability: 510-12g/s (N) (Azobenzene)
510-13g/s (P) (Malathion)
(On programmed)

8. Photoelectric ion detector (PID)
Detectability: 1ppb (Benzene)

Optional Parts

Main function


Thermal conductivity detector  


Electron capture detector


Flame photometer detector


Nitrogen phosphorous detector

Chromatographic work station

External interface box + work station (not include PC)

Simulation software

Imitation find chromatographic condition, emulation teaching, train and knowledge base.

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