CO2 Transmitter/Detector

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CO2 Transmitter/Detector


(CO2 Transmitter/Detector) CO2 Transmitter

Model: TSM-CO2      detailed data download


-Real-time detecting CO2 level. Temperature and humidity detection is optional.
-NDIR infrared CO2 module inside with four CO2 detection range selectable.
-CO2 sensor has Self-Calibration Algorithm and 15 years lifetime
-Mounted type and duct type selectable
-Special kind "L" series with 6 lights Indicates CO2 level and makes CO2 level clear show.
-Special model with a touch button to operate a fan control.
-Design for HVAC, ventilation systems, offices, classrooms or other application places.
-Providing up to three analog outputs for CO2/temperature/humidity.
-Easy choice of voltage or current via jumpers: 0~5VDC/0~10VDC/4~20mA/0~20mA.
-One relay output is available
-RS-485 communication interface is optional: 15KV antistatic protection, independent address setting
-24VAC/VDC power supply can be connected with the wire terminals, also  power adaptor' s plug connected into the socket available.

(CO2 Transmitter/Detector) CO2+Temp+RH 3-in-1 Transmitter


Model: G01-CO2-B      detailed data download


-Design for real time measuring ambiance carbon dioxide level and temperature +RH%
-NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with special Self Calibration. It makes CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable.
-More than 10 years lifetime of CO2 sensor
-Basis type without LCD and standard type with LCD selectable
-3-color backlit LCD for indication and alarm
-Wall mounting with multi- dimensions of installation.
-Provide Modbus communication interface
-24VAC/VDC power supply. A DC socket optional to be connected a power adaptor
-EU standard and CE-approval

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