Heavy Metal Analyzer


SRMA3000P Portable Water Quality (Heavy Metal) Analyzer


Portable Water Quality (Heavy Metal) Analyzer is based on the authority-approved standard method, anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV), which features low cost and high precision and are replacing traditional atomic absorption method in Europe. It is widely applied on on-site environment detection, tap water detection, waste water testing of electroplate and surface processing industries, waste water monitoring of food, medicines and hospitals. American EPA and other authorities have listed this method, such as EPA7063 and 7472.

Performance Advantages

1. Rapid testing: 30secs to 5mins testing time.

2. Wide testing range: typical measurement ions include copper, cadmium, lead, zinc, mercury, arsenic, chromium, nickel, manganese and thallium etc..

3. High precision: analytical precision accounts to 1ppb and detection limit is less than 0.5ppb.

4. Electrode advantages: special make-up ensures better stability and it is easy to change and maintain.

5. Intelligent: intelligent operation program guide users finishing operation easily.

6. Low cost: cheap reagents and little amount of use.

7. Safe operation: non-toxic reagents ensure safety of users.

Application Advantages under Urgent Cases

1. Light, convenient for carry.

2. With reagents prepared for urgent cases, they can be used directly.

3. Acquiring IP67 dustproof and waterproof level, this instrument can be used in tough environments.

4. Semi-transmission & semi-reflection LCD provides good images under bright lights.

5. Large capacity of lithium battery supports 10 hours of unremitting working or more than 100 times of continuous testing. The instrument also has the function of indicating remaining power. Another intelligent function is that it can be charged through vehicle charger.

6. The instrument can store more than 2000 groups of testing data.

7. Instrument can be connected to Bluetooth printer for on-site printing of measurement results. (Bluetooth printer is optional)

Connection to Computer

With USB port and PC software, this instrument can achieve two functions after connection to computer:

A. 15 built-in programmability analytical menus enable users to develop testing parameters and methods easily.

B. Achieve functions of hardware inspection, electrode maintenance, testing, submitting history data, polargram analysis, algorithm application and analysis and other operations.

Application Fields

* On-site application in urgent cases (For instance, on-site testing of water pollution).

* Precise heavy metals detection in labs.

* Water quality monitoring to surface water, underground water, seawater, industrial wastewater, drinking water and other waters.

* Heavy metals testing in soil, food and other waste solids (analytes should be extracted from solids before testing)

Software Advantages

1. Bilingual language interface (English and Chinese) and intelligent operation program.

2. This instrument can be connected to computer for testing. Optimized algorithm improves the analytical precision to substate ppb level.

3. Users can develop more testing modes and electrolyte solutions on computers for testing other heavy metals and various waters under different situations.

Technical Specifications

Sample name

Minimum detection limit (ppb)

Maximum detection limit (ppm)

Sample name

Minimum detection limit (ppb)

Maximum detection limit (ppm)






































Standard reagents, Electrode cleaner, Professional analysis cups, Pipette & pipette tube, Charger and vehicle charger, Data management software, Portable suitcase,

Portable Bluetooth printer and accessories (optional)


SRMA5000P Multifunctional Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer


SRMA5000P (multifunctional) portable heavy metal analyzer is the 2nd generation product recently promoted by us. It integrates the high sensitivity, authority- recognized "Anodic stripping method" and the fast, good anti-interference, national standard "Colorimetric method". The former method has been classified as a standard detection method by the EPA and other authorities in America, such as the EPA7063 and EPA7472 etc., while the latter the standard method in many countries and is widely used.

Performance Advantages

* Rapid detection: less than 5 minutes with fastest detection less than 30 seconds.

* Wide detection range: typical heavy metal ions for detection includes Cu, Cd, Pb, Zn, Hg, As, Cr, Ni, Mn and Tl etc., the measuring type of metal is expandable using a personal computer (PC).

* High precision: up to 1ppb with a detection limit less than 0.5ppb.

* Electrode unique: reference electrode with a special sintering technique for stable performance, easy maintenance and replacement.

* Smart: smart programs for easy operation.

* Diversity: the records of standard samples is optional to reuse; user defined time priority or accuracy priority.

* Low cost: inexpensive consumables and low consumption.

* Safe use: nontoxic ancillary reagents ensure personal safety.


* Portable, applicable for on-site emergency detection, e.g. water environmental pollution emergency monitoring.

* Laboratory heavy metal detection and analysis.

* Surface water, ground water, sea water, industrial waste water, drinking water and other environmental water monitoring.

* Widely used in the detection of the heavy metal content in the soil, solid waste and other solid substances (by extracting).

Emergency advantages

* Light and easy to carry.

* Equipped with a specialized field emergency reagent bag as an direct option to save time.

* IP67 dust & waterproof design makes it work properly under severe environment.

* The half-transflective technology applied in LCD makes it properly work even in the open field, while the spectral lines display feature enables the on-site analysis for water sample components.

* The instrument equipped with high-capacity lithium battery ensures that the users can conduct over 100 times continuous measurements for at least 10 hours, and has the function of indicating remaining charge with the use of the power adapter or car cigarette lighter as a charger.

* The instrument can store 2000 groups of history data.

* Support wireless printing, on-site print the history measurement results (Bluetooth printer as an option)

* Successful solution for the problem of serious deviation in measurement results caused by the copper, zinc coexistence and mutual-interference during the measurement for the actual water by the anodic stripping method.

* Perfect integration with the Colorimetric, which effectively applies in the case of the high concentration of organics or complex in the wastewater to avoid interference.

PC communication

The instrument can be connected to PC through USB port, supported by the corresponding PC-side software to achieve the following functions:

A. Configurate 15 programmable analysis menus in the instrument to enable the users for easy configuration of the measurement parameters and methods.

B. Operate the instrument, such as hardware detection, electrode maintenance, measurement, upload history, spectrum analysis and algorithm application analysis etc..

Software Advantages

* Bilingual interface (English and Chinese), friendly smart design, easy operation.

* The optimized patent algorithm integration can further improve the measurement accuracy to sub-ppb level.

* User can take advantage of the PC software to develop more heavy metal detection method and electrolyte reagents, to adapt for the detection of a wider variety of heavy metals and various water bodies in varied circumstance.

* The spectra with the integration of the patent algorithm can be directly displayed on the LCD to guarantee same accuracy as that analyzed with PC.

Technical Specifications


Technical Parameters

Detection Range

(anodic stripping voltammetry)

Cu: 0.1ppb~60ppm

Cd: 0.1ppb~60ppm

Pb: 0.1ppb~30ppm

Zn: 0.5ppb~60ppm

Hg: 0.1ppb~25ppm

As: 0.1ppb~30ppm

Tl: 0.1ppb~30ppm

Mn: 0.1ppb~10ppm

Cr: 0.5ppb~20ppm

Ni: 0.5ppb~30ppm

Fe: 0.1ppb~30ppm

Co: 0.1ppb~30ppm

Detection Precision

 RSD+ 2% (calculated by Cd @50ug/L)



Measuring Parameters of

Colorimetric Module

Available for the measurement of Cr6+, Cu, Zn, Mn, Pb, etc.,

Accuracy: + \5%

Measuring Range:

Cr: 0.025ppm~2.5ppm          Cr6+: 0.025ppm~2.5ppm          Ni: 0.1ppm~5ppm

Zn: 0.1ppm~1.5ppm             Cu: 0.05ppm~5ppm                 Pb: 0.05ppm~1.2ppm


Reagent, Electrode cleaner, Cuvettes, Pipette & pipette head, Emergency test suitcase, Data management software, Portable suitcase, Power adapter (charger) and cigarette lighter adapter, Portable reactor (optional), Portable Bluetooth printer and accessories (optional)

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