Plant Stem Strength Tester

SRPS-1 Plant Stem Strength Tester


The stem intensity of sorghum, maize, and tobacco is a major factor to decide the  lodging-resistance ability. Since long-term, The lodging of sorghum, maize, tobacco has caused great difficulties in crops mechanized harvesting . In current mechanization harvest level, a lot of crop is wasted. In addition, corn lodging, causing inadequate illumination. make its yield enormous limit. To cultivate high intensity stem of crop seed , This instrument applies to agricultural genetic breeding.

Function characteristics:

Can be connected computers can save, testing, and print, do all kinds of analysis, the input speed, the area still can show displacement, pressure parameters,

Super memory storage function: test can be stored value; 896

LCD display, backlit function (backlighting for night), and has the screen number is, reverse function,

Automatic shutdown time Settings: automatic shutdown time Settings can be set for 10 minutes to 90 minutes automatic shutdown,

Battery capacity show: Divided into 3 glen, 2 glen,1 glen  and low power equipment automatic shutdown.

Technical parameters:

Max. load: 500N (N, Kg and lb three units can be automatically converts),

Resolution: 0.01 N,

Accuracy 0.5%;

Power supply: the power charging 220V/AC, Batteries continuous working time: 6 ~ 8 hour,

Stability temperature drift: 0.2 uV/c (0-60C), zero-drift 0.1% / 8 hours/FS,

Calibration: full range calibration,

Environmental temperature: 0 ~ + 60C,

Humidity: 80%;

Allow overload: 150%,

Supply mode: no.5 batteries / 220V nickel cyanogen AC charging 4 ~ 6 hours.

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