Soil Hardness Meter

SRSH-1 Soil Hardness Tester


The Soil hardness is directly measure the soil hardness by the theoretical value Kg/Cm2 of the pressure gauge.

It is very convenient and accurate for this soil hard meter to investigate and study the soil permeability, aeration and soil properties of large machinery operations.


This instrument is mainly used for rapid determination of the soil hardness, with very intuitive test results. Measure the soil wedging pressure to understand the tightness of soil at different depths.

Specifications and Parameters:

Indicative scope of hardness: 040mm, 0500 Kg/Cm2

Outline dimension: 275mm*76mm*50mm

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SRSH-2 Soil Hardness Tester

Functional features
1. High-precision and high-resolution: Large-screen LCD display, with backlight function (backlight for night use), and positive, inverted reverse function of digitals on the screen.
2. Has a battery capacity display: Divide into 3, 2 and 1 grids. If too low electricity, the instrument will automatically shut down.
3. Gravity acceleration setting function: Users can input the exact value of gravity acceleration at their discretion to allow the test more precise.
4. Peak value maintaining function: Maintain the peak value display until zero adjustment manually.
5. Automatic peak function: Maintain to display the peak values for 2 s before automatically elimination.
6. Large memory storage function: Can store 896 test values
7. Data output function: Data can be input in the computer for various analyses through data links.
8. Auto-off time setting: With automatic off-time setting, 10min-90 min automatic shutdown can be set.
9. High quality charging power supply: 100-240v of charging voltage can be available, suitable for most domestic and foreign areas.
Technical Parameter:
1. Model: SRSH-2
2. Maximum load: 50Kg (Kg, Ng and lb Three units can be automatically converts).
3. Resolution: 0.1Kg.
4. Accuracy: 0.5%.
5. Measuring depth: 0450mm.
6. Power: 220V/AC; Continuous operating time of battery: 68 hours.
7. Stability: temperature drift :0.2uV/ (0-60); Null drift: 0.1%/8hour/FS.
8. Calibration range: full-scale calibration.
9. Ambient temperature: 0+60.
10. Ambient humidity: 80%.
11. Allowable overload: 150%.

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