Soil Water Potential Locator

SRSW-II Soil Water Potential Locator

SRSW-II Digital Soil water and temperature tester can be used in field test and observe soil water positioning, thus can get the soil moisture, hydraulic conductivity and other soil water properties parameters etc. This instrument use the principle of tension meter, the method of combining one or more probes, improve the traditional technology. You can also purchase a set of instrument, multiple probes. You can place the probes underground in different depth and different tested plots for long term. If you want to know the water of a point soil, you can connect the instrument with probes, then can read the value at once.                                       
1. High precision high resolution.
2. With simple operation, complete functions, convenience to carry etc. characteristics.
3. Can simultaneously measuring soil water potential and temperature
4. Has the function of grabbing soil water peak.
5. With a backlight function (In no operating displayer button condition, after 10
seconds, the backlight shows)
6. With automatic shutdown function (In no operating displayer button condition,
after 10 seconds, the displayer shutdown automatically)
Technical parameters:
* Max. Load: 100Kpa
* Resolution: 0.01Kpa
* Precision: 1
* Temperature measurement range: -55+150
* Temperature precision: 0.5
* Service environmental temperature: 0+50
* Standard probe quantity: 3 probes
Notes: Users can according to their own requirements to purchase different quantity

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