Digital Transistor Tester SRT294

Digital Transistor Tester DY294

SRT294, the Digital Transistor DC Parameter Tester, is mainly used for testing the DC parameters of manifold semiconductors such as diode, transistor, controlled silicon and field effect transistor. It also can be used to test the withstand voltage of capacitor, protection voltage of varistor and isolation of electrical. Meanwhile it can test 78 and 79 series three-terminal voltage regulator.

The tester has adopted the large scale integrated circuit for analogue/digital conversion. With high sensitivity and accuracy, it adopts liquid crystal display which can be read directly. With compact structure and convenient operation, it is portable and especially suitable for inspection and screening of devices and components in electronic factories as well as application of technicians engaged in electronic work, lab staff, maintainers and radio fans.

-Measuring forward voltage, reverse voltage, forward saturation voltage drop, amplification factor, reverse leakage current of various crystal diode, audion, silicon controlled rectifier(SCR), field effect transistor(FET).
-Measuring rated working voltage of chemical capacitor, terylene capacitor, Ta capacitor, Leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor, high voltage lacker.
-Measuring protection voltage of varistor.
-Measuring starting voltage of neon bulb, neon lamp.
-Measuring constant voltage value of 78,79 series three-pole circuit.


Function Range Display Scope Resolution Operation Condition
V(BR) 1000V 0-1999V 1V breakdown current < 1mA
200V 0-199.9V 0.1V breakdown current < 1mA
VCC(Set) 2A(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic「2000mA Ib「200mA
800mA(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic「800mA Ib「80mA
100mA(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic「100mA Ib「1mA
10mA(Ic) 0-6.00V 0.01V Ic「10mA Ib「1mA
hFE 10mA(Ib) 0-199.9 0.1 Ib「10mA
1mA(Ib) 0-1999 1 Ib「1mA
1µA(Ib) 0-1999 1 Ib「0.01mA
ICEO 2000µA 0-1999µA 1µA Vce 「 27V
78,79 three-pole constant voltage value 78xx/79xx 0-24.0V 0.1V Ui 「 27V

General Characteristics:

Power AA 1.5V*6(UM3)
Product size 150*100*70mm
Product Net Weight 680g
Standard Accessories        
Standard individual packing gift box
Standard Quantity per Carton 20 pcs.
Measurement of Standard Carton 450*330*413mm (0.061 CBM)
Gross weight of Standard Carton 22kgs

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