Water Electrolyser WE001

The water electrolyser is used to test the water purity level; you can see the condition of drinking water.
Commodity: Water Quality Electrolyser
Color: Black
Power: 220V
Advantage: 1. Easy to operate
                 2. High precision
                 3. Convenient to carry


Instruction: Water quality electrolyser provides us with a simple and cheap way to test water quality. For the examination of water quality, you need take two cups (100~150ml, transparent, one cup holds well or tap water ,the other cup holds purified water) and emissions on the table. Then, put two ends of the tool into two cups, press the button ON, the test begins. Usually the test time is 30 seconds.
Remarks: 1. Take care of electric shock;
                 2. Do not touch the rods once the precipitator is plugged into an electric outlet.

Testing Result:
To test the water quality by electrolysis, please refer the following data to indentify if the water is health or contaminated:
Analysis of water electrolysis
< According to the diction method which the U.S. Drug Administration FDA identified to determine the contaminated water quality >

Water color after electrolysis


Impact on the human body

Salmon pink

Ferric oxide (verdigris )

Vomiting, diarrhea, uremia


Cupric oxide (verdigris)

Kidney, central nervous

Chlorine compound (CL)

Carcinogenic substance


Aluminum sulfate (Alum)

Nervous system

Organophosphorus (Fertilizers, Pesticides, detergents)

Liver, kidney and nerve


Magnesium compound, calcium compound


Colloid, bacteria, viruses algae

Infectious disease




Heavy metal compounds

Liver, kidney, central nervous system, heart, nerves



The necessary human minerals (1%)