Infrared Power Meter

(Infrared Power Meter, IR Power Meter, IR transmission meter, Power Meter, Optical Power Density Meter, Optical Power Density Tester)

SR3722 Infrared Power Meter

The SR3722 meter is a wide range spectral wavelength power meter. It can be used for measuring the optical power density of infrared ray.

It is used for

Evaluating heat-insulating property of the tint of windows, solar films, glass and other transparent materials ;
Measuring optical power density of infrared ray, wavelength response (1000nm1700nm), gives visual and reliable result ;
Evaluating the efficient of solar equipment;

1. Accuracy: (4 %FS2digit) FS: Full scale
2. Infrared peak response wavelength is 1400nm, range (1000nm-1700nm)
3. Range: 1 (0-1999 W/m2); 10 (2000 -19990 W/m2, displayed value10)
4. Size: 125mm*68mm*22mm(L*W*H)
5. Weigh: about 110g
6. 9V alkaline battery, 6F22

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